With a combined 40 years of experience, the ElastiSense team offer product customization to solve specific industrial requirements.

We can customize our sensors in range, shape, and size, offering sensor products specifically designed to your application enabling robust and precise measurements.


All-rubber Displacement Sensor

This sensor is customized to withstand harsh mechanically aggressive applications like those found on off-highway machinery.

The all-rubber encapsulation and the specific dog-bone shape design enables high degree of off-axis tolerance while having an increased lifetime.

This example illustrates the degree of customization we can provide.

Evaluation samples of these customized sensors are available for purchase.

It was also found that because the outer surface is made from rubber it is ideal for hygienic equipment and machinery used in food handling and pharmaceutical production environments.

Mechanical Mounts

In this example, a standard EDS20 sensor is customized for Danish company, Grundfos.

The customization was made to achieve high-precision repeatable and fast installation of the sensor on a machine tool, while reducing tool service time.

As a result the EDS20 sensors were equipped with customized brackets which could be installed and removed simply by opening and closing the handle.

This example illustrates the possibilities in customizing our off-the-shelf standard products to help solve specific customer challenges.

Evaluation samples for these customized sensors are available for purchase.

Watch this video showing customized EDS20s are being installed and tested on a machine tool.